Bocas Del Toro, Panama


Got a taxi and boat from the station to Bocas Island, the largest in that archipelago, in the Caribbean Sea. Deciding between two hostels; Casa Max (Dutch run) or Mondu Tatu (USA owned part hostel). Went Dutch and thank god we did. I dragged Si into Mondu Tatu for a drink on their 80’s night and it was like a frat house. Fine if that’s your thing, but I’m more a few beers, some pool and good chat kind of person than a SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Person. We were also told that if we ‘liked to party’ we needed to check out the bar with a hole in the floor that led to the sea. Needless to say, we didn’t go there… I guess we do not like to party.

Took a boat trip to see Dolphins (in the wild, not like Cuba’s ‘caged in the ocean’ dolphins, went to a beautiful (but sadly boring, with our boring group) beach…  perhaps if we’d known we’d be there for 3 hours we would have brought a beer or a snack… but finished off the day snorkelling. Fish not fantastic, but the coral was very much alive and the colours were beautiful (pink and purple tubed coral…)


Next day rented bikes to do a 17km cycle to Bocas del Drago playa. We were told it would be hilly, but that turned out to be a wee bit of an understatement. Ended up doing a Hik-cle; half bike, half walk. (hike uphill.. cycle downhill). Great fun, even in the midday sun. The beach was gorgeous, explored the jungle areas behind filled with crabs, iguanas, butterflies, dragonflies (like I’ve never seen before) and even a mono and it’s baby! Snorkelled expecting nothing, but had a great time just watching the fish underneath the fallen palm trees, going about their day or being intrigued by us. Ended a wonderful day with a cheap Chinese on the waterfront (which is where I penned this in my journal…)


People (parents, elders…) have often told me I don’t know how lucky I am. Which really is such crap. Everyday I think how lucky I am. I lie in bed at home thinking how good I have it, with all my things in my lovely Bayswater house, with my war and conflict free life! I took this trip because I knew how lucky I was and at the moment I’m in a place that allowed me to do so. Who knows what will happen… but stay positive, keep smiling and grounded and make the most of everything whilst I can. I know it’s all relative and we are human with emotions.. but I know I’m lucky!!

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