External pieces I’ve written, or interviews I’ve done – politics, hardcore, scuba, feminism, travel! Please get in touch if you’d like me to write for you, with you, or have a chat!

Double Dare Ya Podcast Interview – Dec 2020

Chatting to Sarah & Kat about Hong Kong, Feminism in Hardcore, and Music.

Journey to Justice (Sept 2019)  I am a proud Hong Konger

A piece I wrote about the Hong Kong Democracy Protests

South China Morning Post (SCMP) July 2019 – The unspoken benefits of Sobriety!

‘My drunken nights in Hong Kong and England, how I gave up alcohol and why it’s better being the real me’

South China Morning Post (SCMP) August 2019 – Umbrella, goggles, flag: tattoos use symbols of Hong Kong protest 

I featured in this article written by Lauren James. The protest tattoo idea went viral and my words appeared in publications in the States and Brazil – despite refusing interviews.

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xSisterhoodx Articles

Dear Hardcore Men

Asking a few questions about sexism in the Hardcore Scene (which really relates to the wider world)

From Sobriety to Straight Edge

Why after three years, I decided to call myself Straight Edge, and not just sober – and the journey there.

Solidarity in Sisterhood

Sisterhood in Hardcore – What does that mean? What should it mean? And why does it even matter?

Girls That Scuba Articles: 

Sobriety and Scuba Diving

My journey to Sobriety and how it impacted positively on my diving experiences

Girls That Scuba Trip to Jordan – Sept 2019

Writing about my amazing time exploring overland and under the water on a Girls That Scuba group trip.

Mersi – Interview with a Badass Komodo Dive Master

I had the privilege of diving and speaking with Mersi in Komodo, Indonesia. In a male dominated sport, in a country like Indonesia becoming a Dive Master takes a lot of mental strength and resilience – not to mention learning to navigate guests safely through the crazy currents of Komodo!

Dive guide -Malapascua , Philippines

My dive guide to visiting the absolutely gorgeous island of Malapascua, home to the super cute big eyed, long tailed Thresher Sharks

Girls that Scuba: Equipment you need when you first start diving

When you first get hooked it’s easy to get carried away and want to buy it all.. but what do you really need, and what should you really buy as an inexperienced diver?


Insider Divers trip to Palau – April 2019 –  Palau Bliss

Just read it – one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had. SO-MANY-SHARKS

Third Culture Kid Interview

Talking about being born in Hong Kong, growing up there, moving to your ‘home’ country (that isn’t home at all…) and trying to find an identity – as a ‘Third Culture’ kid.

Interview in May 2017 with Melissa at Intentional Expat


Given my imminent move back to HK at the time of writing it was fascinating answering questions that forced me to delve back into my teens and how I first felt arriving in the UK, how I adapted and what I thought about the island of UK and its inhabitants..


My Trip Advisor Reviews.. some that ended up more like travel blog posts, such as my trip to THE GAMBIA

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