Hong Kong


My parents moved to Hong Kong in the late 1970’s, before the MTR was open (imagine!) and the route to Shatin was a one track dirt road… Initially for a two year contract they stayed almost thirty years.

I came along a few years later and spent my early life & teens on the South Side of Hong Kong Island. Even that little enclave of Hong Kong was very different then to how it is now.

After Uni I settled (loose use of the term) in London for 12 years before moving back here in October 2017. I spend most of my free weekends exploring Hong Kong; the urban, and the rural – it’s so damn beautiful & interesting.

In July I got a tattoo based on my love of Hong Kong and the current fight for democracy, and was interview by Lauren James at the South China Morning Post (SCMP.) You can read that here: Umbrella, goggles, flag: tattoos use symbols of Hong Kong protest


Hong Kong is roughly 75% countryside, and even the main towns seem like their own little cities with differing histories & atmospheres. Despite feeling like I know Hong Kong like the back of my hand (perhaps more so!) it constantly continues to surprise me with its quirkiness, beauty, and warmth; put a smile out there.. see what you get back! Below are just a few blogs I’ve written about some of my favourite experiences.

I also wrote a post about my first few weeks of landing back in the Hong Kong Homeland.


New Territories 

WWII Gin Drinkers Tunnels Hiking in Sai Kung, exploring the WWII Tunnels and forts in Shing Mun Redoubt and saying hello to the many monkeys that call it home!

Abandoned Hakka villages Hiking/walking (depending on where you end the trail!) A really beautiful & interesting trail through Luk Keng, Kuk Po, Fung Hang, Yung Shue Au, So Lo Pun & Lai Chi Wo

Lion Rock – Hong Kong’s most iconic natural landmark – beautiful to look at, and be on.

Tai Wai – Tai Mei Tuk  Cycling: Flat, diverse & well signposted 20km route. My favourite pedal so far!

Yuen Long Villages Cycling through farmlands & villages in the Northwest New Territories

(also Nam Sang Wai – very easy, beautiful cycle ride – lots of birds & a little forest of sorts!)

Walled villages & farmlands  Cycling around Sheung Shui, Fan Ling & Sha Tau Kok; villages in the Northeast New Territories

Sharp Island & Tap Mun/Grass Island  Sai Kung – Walking, exploring & swimming!

Ham Tin Beach Walk  Sai Kung – Walking, swimming & eating! 

Tai Po Market Walk around one of Hong Kong’s most interesting historical areas

Scuba Diving in Hong Kong. Yes you can, and it’s better than you think!

Ma On Shan – Sai Kung (beautiful easyish hike, 2 hours?)

Hong Kong Island 

Pok Fu Lam Village – A small historical village perched on the hillside of Hong Kong Island.

Okay, so I’ve done a lot more exploring on the Island.. I guess I should write about it! But in the meantime there’s a wealth of info on the net.. I would recommend the following hikes! (google is your friend)

Dragons Back

Violet Hill/The Twins

Sir Cecil’s Ride

Pok Fu Lam – Aberdeen

The Peak (my birthplace, walk up to it! A pilgrimage of sorts?)

Outlying Islands 

Same as above… 

Tai O Fishing Village (Lantau)

Tung Lung Chau (opposite Clearwater Bay – take a ferry from Sai Wan Ho (Sat/Sun/PH) apparently great for rock climbing – old fort/ancient rock carving! Beautiful island)

Tung Ping Chau (North – East of Hong Kong, incredible rock formations.. 1.5 hour ferry from University Station. Only Sat/Sun/PH, 9am ferry out, 5:30 ferry back)

Cheung Chau <– GO GO GO!!

Peng Chau

Interview in May 2017 with Melissa at Intentional Expat

Given my imminent move back to HK it was fascinating answering questions that forced me to delve back into my teens and how I first felt arriving in the UK, how I adapted and what I thought about this island and its inhabitants…

I also did a short interview with Third Culture