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Summer 2018,  feeling particularly sad, I picked up my usually silent and neglected acoustic guitar and wrote a song. It made me feel instantly better, and so I kept doing it. I sent a few tracks to friends, and they seemed to like it, so I bought a little mic and recorded a few tracks in my room

I played my first gig in Feb 2020 – five short songs – at Water Into Beer in South London, and then another at the end of the month… then of course, Covid, and Lockdown. Was lucky enough to be asked to play four online gigs. A couple are below, or you can see them on my YouTube Channel 

Since then I’ve recorded the following – all in my room with just a little mic and my laptop, and The Lockdown Sessions was recorded with my iPhone 5 voicenote app, not intended to be shared publicly – but I felt it was in line with Lockdown.

A friend of a friend then made a 90s Hard House Dance Remix of ‘I Hate the World Today.’ Dream come true to be singing on a dance track. LOVE IT!

TCWO Cover


And my second gig… also taken on my iPhone 5…

Online Streaming gig: 3rd May 2020 raising funds for the Escape Bar in London

Online Live Stream Gig Hosted by Suburban Home Promotions – 17 April 2020

Kult DIY Acoustic Revolution Compilation Fundraiser

Weeze X Christina – YouTube Channel