Who is Weeze Christina?


And is Weeze your real name?

No. It’s a nickname, but the name I go by… 

I was born in Hong Kong to a Latvian mother & an English father. I feel most alive when I’m exploring new places and learning their history through meeting people and listening to their stories.

I was always a curious child, wanting to know why & how, rather than it just is, which has either greatly infuriated or excited teachers throughout my education. I was a feminist before I knew what one was, and I’m pretty sure being unable to learn guitar at primary school, or join the football team because I was a girl probably fuelled my sense of in/justice early on.

This blog is my attempt to share not only my travel experiences, but to give a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves, either through memorial or protest, and to amplify my own voice whilst fighting the good fight.

Where have I been?

I didn’t actually know the country count until my niece recently forced me to write down all the places I’d visited… she can get me to do anything. The map is a little misleading, given two visits to Moscow totalling 6 days seems to cover over a 1/4 of the map..

Countries visited Aug 2018
This is a little out date now….

I’m especially interested in modern, social & conflict history. No matter how many books I read, or documentaries I watch, there is no greater lesson, and easier way for me to try to understand the past and present than visiting, exploring, and asking many, many, many questions. Leaving at home my western preconceptions and interpretations I try to arrive with an open mind to understand different ways of thinking & alternative viewpoints of history.

Important for me, though I sadly believe that as a human race we do not generally learn from the horrors of history,  it is important to remember and honour tragedies and their victims, to document what has happened, and try to educate ourselves and others in the hope of a more peaceful, selfless world.

I travel all the types of travel – solo, friends, family, partners, but all with Humpty. Backpacking, group trips, staying with friends & family, mid-range & luxury (not so much the latter..) Whatever works, whatever my budget is, and most importantly, suits what I want to get out of that specific trip.

I love animals, and really, really love sharks & boxfish. And after a whole lot of crazy chaos – I now only get drunk & high on excitement, endorphins (dancing dancing dancing!), (vegan) ice cream & mangoes. I work in Human Rights, but my most important job really has to be keeping my standing as #1 Auntie to my four nieces & nephews.

Nothing beats standing in a new place, taking a step back, looking around, glancing up to the sky, the moon & just breathing in the environment. Feeling all the elements – really feeling them. Stopping, closing your eyes to feel the rain, the sun, the icy cold, the wind & taking  in where you are. Don’t forget to stop & breath a while. Wherever you are.


I recently started playing the acoustic guitar, writing songs, & singing. Here’s me, doing just that:

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