Stand With Belarus / Free Belarus

This is an up to the minute interview with a protestor (who will remain anonymous) on the streets in Belarus. It was conducted last night (17th August) and this morning with my friend Greg Bennick and I asking questions, and my friend in Belarus answering.  Amplifying this situation at the request of Belarusian protestors. Please do …

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Exploring Petra & diving in Aqaba – oh Jordan!

The next day, Petra proper. In a word, Wow. And maybe lets use that word once more - wow. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it is a 1.2km long gorge with 80m cliffs towering above it. It truly felt out of this world, and most like a Star Wars set. I didn’t know so many …

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Dead Sea, Villages & Castles – oh Jordan!

Up early the following morning we met our tour guide and driver – and headed to Madaba to look at a 6th Century mosaic map of the area (Palestine/Jerusalem/ Nile Delta) which was discovered under the floor of the Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George.  It’s quite hard to get your head around how old …

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