Palestine. Tear Gas & Refugee Camps

Boys vs IDF - Rocks vs Tear Gas Fellow tourist to me  - 'I think the tour of the refugee camp might be cancelled!'  Me: "why?" T: 'They're throwing tear gas down at some people!' When I relayed this to my guide, he laughed out loud and said if they (the Palestinians) let something …

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Heartbreak in Hebron: Palestine

You'd think walking around refugee camps would my most emotionally difficult experience whilst visiting Palestine, but it was Hebron that really broke my heart. Walking through a cobbled marketplace that should have been bright and bustling with laughter, gossip and bargaining attempts was cold, dark, almost empty, with many derelict looking shut shops, overshadowed, literally, by …

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Palestine (pt1), The Occupied Territories of

What do you think of when you hear the name Palestine? Do you know anything about Palestine? Palestinians? Just take a moment. What are the first images that come to your mind? Thoughts. Questions. Is it an actual country? Is it safe? Why would I even want to visit there? I first learnt there was a 'situation' …

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