cauAfter getting a wee bit stroppy (me? Never?!) that we didn’t leave Bocas early enough to cross the border and catch the boat to Tortugera we decided to stop off in Cahuita. WHAT A BLESSING!! A beach/surfy Creole town with a population of about 900 people. We stayed in a beachside hostel complete with hammocks and our very own rocking chairs. On arrival we were approached to see if we wanted to do a snorkel trip. Against instincts (signs mentioning rip tides and the sea looking rough) we trusted the guide that the national park area was safe and calm. Thank god! The snorkelling was incredible. The coral was very dead, but the fish! Oh the fish! It was like we were swimming in an aquarium, but natural, rather than because we had been feeding them. What a surprise. Our books seemed to only mention the snorkelling as an afterthought, but there were many large fish, lots of little cutesy fish, and many I’ve never seen before. And I certainly hadn’t seen a 30cm (or any cm fish eat a crab before (nor had I seen a cat catch a gecko before… but that’s another sad story I hope my memory will suppress). A parrotfish type fish also seemed to be singing (!!) at us… Si was, understandably pretty nervous, but loved it!

cauiBack at the hostel drinking Imperial Cervesa, on our rocking chairs, overlooking the Caribbean Sea… we were pretty damn happy (even despite the loss of our travel scrabble game). Went to Sankey’s Afro Caribbean Historical Museum… which was shut, but you could peer in… possibly the scariest museum I have ever been to.(See below).
Beers followed by dinner at a Creole restaurant – possibly one of the best tasting meals I’ve ever had. It was just rice and vegetables… but the sauce! My god, if you could put sunshine, snorkelling and holiday beers into a sauce this would be it! Wow!




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