American Memorial Garden, Nairobi

mem2To rejuvenate ourselves we headed to the Junction and grabbed Veggie burgers (and a milkshake for me) at Java, a well know American style chain/diner/coffee shop. Then to further cheer ourselves up went over to the CBD (Central Business District) to have a look at the Memorial Garden for the August 7th 1998 Terrorist Attack. ‘Muslim Extremists’ were attempting to detonate a car bomb underneath the American Embassy building, but as they couldn’t get past the guards they instead blew up the building next door, killing 218 Kenyans. I really knew nothing about this (aside from the attack had happened at some point). The museum was showing a National Geographic documentary which though was terribly made, was still incredibly moving predominately made up of interviews of witnesses and survivors. On realising the Embassy was under attack one of the Security Guards called for back up to which the response was to stop messing about and get off the radio. Amazing. Surely that’s one of the main reasons for having a front door security guard somewhere like that?

To end my day, grabbed a taxi
























We lost 2-0. Cheered up by good conversation with a local Kenyan over a few beers. Thank (enter whichever entity you like here) for good, interesting people. How I love them.


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