Clearly I love to write, so here’s a couple of external pieces I’ve done. I hope to make this list grow and grow! If you’d like me to write for you, on places I’ve been, about things I know about, or even want to send me somewhere…  I’m pretty sure I’ll want to do it… so get in touch with me below.

Girls that Scuba: Equipment you need when you first start diving


When you first get hooked it’s easy to get carried away and want to buy it all.. but what do you really need, and what should you really buy as an inexperienced diver?




Interview in May 2017 with Melissa at Intentional Expat


Given my imminent move back to HK at the time of writing it was fascinating answering questions that forced me to delve back into my teens and how I first felt arriving in the UK, how I adapted and what I thought about the island of UK and its inhabitants..





My Trip Advisor Reviews.. some that ended up more like travel blog posts, such as my trip to THE GAMBIA

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